Behavioral Finance And Investment Strategy

The emerging field of Behavioral Finance has developed a wide range of insights that have disrupted how we think about financial markets. Drawing on insights from psychology, information economics, complex systems, and game theory; behavioral finance has put the Strategy back in Investment Strategy. Professor LaBlanc highlights how the insights of game theory, in particular, can inform our understanding of how market participants interact and how asset prices are determined.

There are times in our lives when our problems are also so great that we forget to see that they are existing within us, because we tend to overlook them, and because of their greatness, we are then overshadowed and we cannot see clearly on what is the real state of ourselves.

I do believe that these problems are here for a reason, and that this reason is for us to be a better version of ourselves, for us to improve, for us to know our faults, for us to gauge on our strengths and weaknesses and turn these weaknesses into something which is our strength.

What we need to do with our lives is that we need to solve the problems and learn to not be blind on the problems that are in our lives. We need to be able to know what is right and what is wrong, because it is through this proper discerning process that we are able to differentiate the things that would bring us to our success, or the things that would stop our progress towards success.

I do believe that there are times in our lives wherein we seem to forget about our problems, and we may find our lives to be different simply because we cannot see what is wrong with ourselves. This thing happens and we seem to think that we are already perfect and good with all of it, but in reality, there is something wrong, there is something wrong with you, or there is something wrong with someone or something wrong with the place.

What I am trying to impart here is that we should be able to learn on how to see our problems, and as well as learn on how to improve all of it, learn to see what happens, learn to overcome it, learn to solve it, because these problems are just normal, these problems are just part of ourselves, and that they are here for a reason and that reason is to improve ourselves and to remove our weaknesses and turn this weaknesses into our strengths.

That is what we need to do, that is what we need to do to change our outlook on the things that are around us, let us be better, let us improve eon ourselves, let us know our weaknesses, turn them into strengths, and be the best and most wonderful version of ourselves.

Our lives are not just all about the fun, it is not just all about the happy moments, it is not just about the comfort, the happiness, the joy, the excitement, the thrill, but there are also times wherein we are faced with problems, and that these problems may seem to defer the very meaning of what it is like to have a life.


I tell you, and that having a life is more on having to experience the two different sides. It is all about having to experience what it is like to be happy and to be sad. It is all about experiencing what it is like to be successful on doing and working on something, or perhaps failing in doing and in working on something.

This I tell you, and that all of these are just normal occurrences in life. All of these are about the amount of hard work you do. All of these are because you are living a normal life, and that these problems are just challenges which lets you see that true potential that is hidden deep inside of you.

Problems are present in this world, because these problems are here to make a better version of yourself. It is here because it wanted to make you better, it wanted to improve you, and this is what you need to remember for the rest of your life. And that to fail is normal, because you get to see your weaknesses here, and once you get to see your weaknesses, you are then able to  see the things that you need to be better at, you need to know on how you are going to overcome them, because you find ways on how you do them.

Failure is only normal, and there is no need to worry about them, well, you need to worry because this is something that needs your focus so that you can solve it. But you really do not have to worry on it in a sense that you would stop your life just because you think that there is no way that you are going to solve it.

This I tell you, and that these problems are only here for a temporary moment in time.  These problems are here because they are just here to protect you, they are just here to improve you, they are just here to make you propel to your dreams of success.

Take note of these words of wisdom, and instill this within your life.